TOOP pilot progress

TOOP project strives to prove that the implementation of the ‘once-only’ principle brings multiple benefits for the EU businesses in facilitating the development of the Digital Single Market in Europe. TOOP pilots aim at enabling services in different domains, where the ‘once-only’ principle streamlines the flow of data and enables for the re-use of data by public administrations. 

Three piloting areas can be distinguished within TOOP: General Business Mobility, e-Procurement and Maritime. Each of them applies the ‘once-only’ principle for a different kind of service. Piloting partners are actively working on establishing cross-border data exchange. Tests are carried out by different TOOP partners, aimed at launching the ‘once-only’ principle based digital services. Regular Connectathons and releases of technical components facilitate the take-up and implementation of the technical solutions by the piloting partners. Greece, Italy, Sweden, Slovenia and Slovakia are already connected and exchange testing data in General Business Mobility area, thanks to the TOOP technical components. Austria, Norway, Poland and Romania are currently working on the implementation of the services and are planning to soon begin testing.

Germany, Greece and Italy are working on their pilots in the eProcurement domain. Furthermore, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland and Norway began the implementation of the technical components in the Maritime pilot, which will allow exchanging data in the near future.

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