ONCE-ONLY.ORG is an international non-profit association under Belgium law (AISBL) and implemented as part of the sustainability strategy for the TOOP project.

The goal of the organisation is to facilitate and promote international cooperation of public and private stakeholders aiming to advance and enhance the once-only principle and other underlying principles for e-Governance and the interoperability solutions and practices that support them. Furthermore, the organisation shall ensure the sustainability of the tangible and intangible outcomes of the once-only principle project as well as to provide a supporting environment that enables piloting and further development of new technologies. The purpose is also to propose a framework that intends to achieve the sustainability goals by means of a methodology that integrates sustainability in both the planning and management tasks and that can serve as a basis for the implementation of an information system aligned with a business strategy.

Here you can access the ONCE-ONLY.ORG Statutes

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