Pilot Area 1

General Business Mobility

The pilot aims at facilitating the mobility of companies in terms of doing business within the EU. It demonstrates how information can be automatically retrieved from a company’s country of origin, avoiding duplicated effort and eliminating paperwork and red-tape for business management. Piloting use cases are targeting European business needs and are aligned with the Single Digital Gateway Regulation, which facilitates online access to information, administrative procedures and assistance services.

The piloting scenarios feature the exchange of information from the country of origin to an EUC member state where a company wants to do business. Typically, the information provided ranges from official company data from the national Business Register (or equivalent authority) as well as qualifications, licenses, and other permissions required to perform services or exchange products across borders.

The TOOP implementation in the cases related to business mobility is expected to reduce the burden for both the Legal Person/Service Professional and the Public Authorities. Professionals who wish to register for cross border service provision will not have to upload all requested qualification evidences. Data will be retrieved directly from the competent sources (qualification bodies, professional associations, etc.) of the country of origin, therefore, the process will be quicker and safer.



Legal background:

The pilot cases are fully aligned with the eIDAS regulation (910/2014) and the EU eGovernment Action Plan 2016-2020. They also consider provisions on personal data (GDPR) and the legislation on the Single Digital Gateway. Most importantly the use case is fully aligned with the Services (2006/123/EC) and the Professional Qualifications (2005/36/EC) Directives.