The Once-Only Principle featured at the High Level Conference on Digital and E-Government!

The main event of the Austrian presidency, the High Level Conference on Digital and e-Government will be taking place the next day after the Once-Only Conference for Europe, namely on 26th September 2018 in Vienna. It will welcome invited delegates from the EU countries, representing ministries and public administrations. Moreover, representatives of the European institutions (European Commission, Digitaleurope,) will be present.

Session 2, entitled “Once Only” will be dedicated to the Once-Only Principle. It will discuss related topics such as TOOP project or Single Digital Gateway, in the context of the Tallinn Declaration and its implementation.

TOOP will also have its booth during the conference.

The IT Ball of the Austrian Republic, which will be organized on 25th September 2018, will offer an excellent opportunity for networking before the High Level Conference on e-Government. Access invitation and program highlights!

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