Once-Only Principle presented at the Futurecongress (Zukunftskongress) in Berlin!

On Tuesday (19.06.2018), the project manager Prof. Dr. Dr. Robert Krimmer and the State Secretary for Information Technology, Mr. Klaus Vitt, discussed the reorganization of the register landscape in Germany. The focus of the discussion was the implementation of a central unit in Germany to modernize the register. Robert Krimmer gave a short insight into the TOOP-project status on an international level and explained the advantages of implementing the Once-Only principle including the chance to reorganize responsibilities for data gathering, administration and management. Due to Germany's federal structure, there are similar barriers to implementation in Germany as at the European level. Many solutions from our project could therefore flow into the implementation of Once-Only at the German level. Further topics discussed during the session included the citizen account, overall challenges implementing e-government in Germany and the need for creating a digital mindset.