TOOP has progressed in this difficult year

The year 2020 that is coming to an end, has been very difficult and demanding for all of us, over the world. Many of us had to reorganize their family and working life finding solutions for home office, home schooling, meeting with friends and much more. The COVID-19 pandemic showed that the need for digital solutions is higher than ever.

We are happy that all these difficulties have not stopped our work in TOOP. Together with the CEF OOP team, we have refined the architecture with regard to reusability for the implementation of the Single Digital Gateway. This new architecture has been implemented and tested by TOOP partners. In our web conference on 23 September, we presented these results to our stakeholders and gave an outlook on the future of the once-only principle in EU. By handing over the results to the CEF, we are able to successfully ensure the sustainability of our results.

As TOOP ends in January 2021, we are approaching the last phase of our over four-year work in the project. We are currently working on an overview of our aquis, so we can give you summary of our TOOP results from our four-year work in the project. Something exciting to look forward to!