Slovenia launches TOOP pilot!

The Ministry of Public Administration represents Slovenia in the TOOP consortium. Its Directorate for Informatics aims at developing functional building blocks, to facilitate e-services throughout the Slovenian public administration. Those building blocks can:

  • gather and assemble data from various public evidences and registers
  • sign and authenticate documents  (covering the functionality of eIDAS node implementation)
  • deploy electronic services

Just recently, the Ministry of Public Administration launched the implementation of the Slovenian Pilot in TOOP. The pilo twas demonstrated at the Consortium meeting in Brussels in November 2018.

The Slovenian pilot addresses the General Business Mobility area. At the very early stage, the focus was on the technical aspect of piloting, for instance end-to-end connection (from data provider to data consumer), leaving out the details of semantics. One of the ultimate goals was to (re)use the common national building blocks, as well as to implement the TOOP infrastructure.

Further development of pilots aims at connecting "real" data providers and data consumers in order to demonstrate end-to-end transaction capability.

Ministry of Public Administration considers participation in the TOOP Project as a great opportunity for the successful implementation of the Single Digital Gateway regulation, that entered into force on 11 December 2018.