Single Digital Gateway comes into force!

Single Digital Gateway Regulation (SDGR) is the first pan-European and cross-domain act of legislation, that provides a basis for EU-wide implementation of the ‘once-only’ principle (OOP).

The Regulation makes it mandatory for Member States and EEA countries to provide access to 21 digitized administrative procedures in a safe and convenient way. The procedures include: requests for a birth certificate, car registration, starting a business or submitting a corporate tax declaration (full list of services is available in the Annex II). These services must be established fully online, and deliver tangible results through a digitized process, as well as implement the OOP.  This means, that users will be able to interact with the public bodies digitally at all stages of the process and be relieved of the administrative burden (submitting numerous documents and pieces of information). The online procedures will fetch the required evidences  using the once-only infrastructure, that the Regulation foresees. In this way, all the information already submitted to, or held by the administrations in the country of origin, will not have to be re-submitted to the country of destination. This is how the OOP will work in practice.

Cross-border OOP will become a reality in the EU at the end of 2023, when the Member States are expected to finalize the integration of the 21 online procedures with the OOP Technical System. Establishing the Single Digital Gateway is an important milestone in enhancing the functioning of the EU Single Market.

Learn more about TOOP and SDGR in the white paper here!