TOOP is growing!

So far, twenty countries have been contributing to the work on the ‘once-only’ principle within the TOOP Project. Recently the project has gained new members and supporters.

France and Switzerland joined as project partners. France is represented by Inter-ministerial Directorate for digital and State information and communication system (DINSIC). DINSIC will coordinate the participation of the French public administration in the TOOP project and participate in T1.0 and T3.1 as data provider and service provider. Switzerland is represented by Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH). BFH will investigate, how to implement the 'once-only' principle in the field of business and enterprise registers in Switzerland.

With the goal to facilitate the implementation of the Single Digital Gateway regulation on the national level, Ministry of Interior of Hungary decided to sign the Memorandum of Understanding with TOOP. Therefore, Hungary has become an active external observer in the project.

This status means, that Ministry of Interior of Hungary will closely follow TOOP efforts, participate in some project meetings and facilitate the dissemination of the TOOP results in Hungary.

Do you support the ‘once-only’ principle?

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