TOOP was presented during the conference “Nation 2.0” in Warsaw

The event took place on 22-23rd February 2018 in Warsaw, Poland. Main topic of the conference was dedicated to Strategic Action Priorities of the Ministry of Digital Affairs in digitalization of public services in Poland. First day focused on the most important governmental IT projects implemented within the EU perspective 2014-2020; also within public sector that concerns the once-only principle. The second day of the conference was dedicated to Smart Cities, e-health and energy.

The Once-Only Principle project (TOOP) was presented with its own booth. TOOP team facilitated discussions with participants about the project and its benefits. Marketing materials in polish language were available, to support the understanding of TOOP. TOOP’s solutions and future benefits raised awareness among visitors, who asked about the pilots’ impact on the development of public services in Europe. Visitors were able to learn, that the Digital Single Market would be a common matter to create the paperless future. The Once-Only Principle project was widely supported and expected to have positive impact to public services; mainly to reduce the administrative burden.